About My Smart Choices




Health? Fitness? Balancing these two in today’s society is about as difficult as someone juggling and trying to ride on a unicycle at the same time. Yes, some people might be able to accomplish the feat (I do realize this). BUT for the other 99% of us.. well.. let’s just say.. its tough….

With all the negative I can’t do that and excuse after excuse, I wanted to start this blog as a more uplifting positive approach to this apparently brutal struggle. Yeppers, there are times of yummy yummy indulgences and periods of workout ruts, but its those everyday SMART CHOICES that I truly want to make known. I hope to accomplish this so that the world can see how it is possible to make smarter decisions to improve health, physically and mentally.

And as a side note, I must admit.. there is a reason it’s called MY Smart Choices. We’re all different, and what works for me might not necessarily work for you. I just like sharing what has helped me stay fit! This blog is more of a personal journal, only I am making it open for all to see. I hope that whatever insight you might get from my blog, it is only to your benefit!

Who am I?

I can be spunky…

I can be smart…


I can be sweet!


I am in my 4th year of study (final semester) at the University of Florida.  As a college kid, leaving the nest, it has been quite an experience to learn how to cook and choose good, wholesome foods to fuel us up. BUT it can be done.. yes ladies and gentlemen, we do not have to succumb to the overly processed, in a box, foods that marketing experts have fed to us on the telli (tv).

By looking at my choices, you can see what may work and what might not work for you in your quest for health.

Hope ya’ll like it!



Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist nor claim to be one. However I have taken courses on Nutrition and have been involved in Research Labs that specifically help people lose weight through modifying their diet.


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