Que Sera Sera!

21 Apr

My My! It has been a while, hasn’t it.

No excuses. I must be honest.

My absence has not been from being ridiculously busy (I am working and whatnot, but still peruse the social networking sites).

My absence has not been due to any lapse in “smart choice” eating. No, that is silly folks, I love me some REAL FOOD.

No. My absence has , been from my own avoidance of reality. I will probably explain at a later date. But keeping up with a blog literally means detailing life. But as of the past month, I too have been perplexed by the very concept of life. What does life entail? How do I go about “living.” Like a droid-robot, instead of taking steps to be a social citizen, I have quitely (and for the worse) escaped into my own bubble, hiding from my own fears (pertaining to my future) and hesistant to see the next steps of my life.

Like Dr.Ross stated, there are 5 steps to acceptance of grief.

Today.. I am at that point of acceptance. I will do my best (and explain later) to reconquer society, tackle my future, and come to terms with facing my fears.

And like the motto chimes “Whatever will be will be.”

Tata for now!


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