GRE, Sickness, and a Gift Card!

19 Nov

One of these things is not like the other… Hmm.. I wonder which lol.

I’ll start off by saying that this has been a trying week! I have been experiencing a combination of sinus infection, nausea, fever, and lethargy. Maybe it has to do with all the stress I am under (One Month Exactly until I graduate from UF!)

Or maybe the stress is due to this little old thing called the GRE Subjects Test. Yes folks, I think we have discussed my future before. But this is the one thing I need to do. It is Psychology specific. And it is this Saturday at 5:00 PM. Wish me luck?

Last but not least, I am beyond thrilled to have been randomly selected the winner of Stefanie’s CSN Giveaway. It has literally made my week (Trust me, it has been an unpleasant week). Thanks so much Stefanie!

Well, back to a combination of Rest and Studying. I will update on the foods I have actually been able to consume tomorrow/Sunday (Post GRE).



2 Responses to “GRE, Sickness, and a Gift Card!”

  1. Stefanie November 19, 2010 at 6:40 pm #

    Well this post answers my question about whether you were going to Grad School!

    What do you plan on studying? (sorry if you’ve already written about this before)

    Good luck on your GRE girl!! I’m sure you’ll do amazing! 🙂

    I will be starting to study within the next few weeks! Ahh.. if you any tips/good books to buy, would you be able to e-mail them to me? 🙂

    • mysmartchoices November 19, 2010 at 8:55 pm #

      Thanks so much for the Good luck!!

      I intend on getting my Ph.D. in Clinical/Healthy Psychology in a research-oriented University. My core focus stem on 3 research interests: societal pressures and its impact on body image, obesity and cognitive-behavior methods as a long-term weight management technique, as well as examining social media, advertising, and other forms of peer pressure as contributors to body distortions, consuming nutrient deficient foods, and abstaining from exercise. (yeah, my focus is obviously still quite convoluted.)

      I HIGHLY recommend Barrons GRE book to study. There are also some amazing audio books (I listened to them on my ipod) made by Princeton Review (I believe Word Smart is the name) that helped me prepare for the Reading portion of the exam.

      I hope this helps!!

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