4 Nov

I mentioned previously that I would dedicate this month’s blogging as an inspiration for others to find self-acceptance. Living in a media filled bubble, it seems as if every where we turn we are pressured into acting a certain way, feeling a certain way, and looking a certain way.

Well folks, how about self-respect. Taking care of yourself, for yourself and for nobody else. We take for granted the fact that we have our health, and even harm ourselves when we don’t respect ourselves. However, there are billions of people in the world without all the luxuries we have. Thinking more specifically about the Cholera epidemic in Haiti, it really astounds me that we as Americans, instead of putting forth effort to help such individuals and our communities, we sit back on our comfortable couches, ac/heater blasting away, and instead watch mindless television shows without a care in the world.So to start off today, I think we should learn a little about Respect: Self and Others.

We play the “ignorance is bliss” card and allow many high officials to take the lead in choosing what we eat, wear, and do. A sound example is the slaughtering of chickens, pigs, cows. If you went to any of these meat-packing factories, you would be appaulled at the filth and horrid treatment of such animals. However, instead we look past the crowded and potentially hazardous chickens cooped up in trucks, headed to their destiny of dinner on your plate,  and see commercialism and advertisements that trick us into believing that what these people are doing is ok.

For this week, I have dedicated myself to RESPECTING OTHER BEINGS by not consuming meat. I am not a vegetarian by no means, but I feel that it is important to really look at the environment and question the policies and actions being done. Is it really ok America? Side Note: I hope that when you went to the polls Tuesday, you had these same thoughts running through your mind. Is what this candidate saying.. really ok?

So to lighten this post, I’m going to show you how I have been RESPECTING OTHER ANIMALS this past week:

I hope you can show your part and do something that will show your respect for yourself and those around you.




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