November Goals: Vegetize Me Cap’n!

3 Nov

1. Focus on my health. Getting my veggies, fruits, calcium, protein (drink more milk!).

2.  Limit my meat consumption. Yes folks, I understand it is the month of Thanksgiving, but I want to test it out and see how eating more produce will affect me.

3. USE UP MY UNCOOKED WHOLE WHEAT PASTA!!! Perfect way to utilize it would be to cook a bunch and pack it for lunch with hummus or nutritional yeast(Vitamin B, Essential Proteins), chickpea salad, tomatoes (Vitamin C), cucumbers, spinach and some dressing (Yummy!). In order for me to do this, I must stop mindlessly purchasing  sandwich ciabatta and breads (at least until my carb stores run low).

4. Dinner could also include broccoli  (Calcium) and brussel sprouts. AND SWEET POTATOES (Superfood to the rescue!!)  Try to incorporate more veggies! It will make you live longer. =)

5. Try to decrease consumption of added sugars. Stick to deliciously natural fruits for the sweet taste you need. Added sugars increase oxidizing, which creates wrinkles and ages you.


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