The Evolution of Cindy

1 Nov

We live in a world of judgment. Judgment about whose political party is more superior, whose ideas are more accurate, and judgment about who, what, when, where, and how we should appear and look.

Unfortunately for many people, this judgment of appearance stirs negative consequences unlike any other. It leads an individual to fall under the prey of the social circles, playing puppet to a cruel master.

I for one have seen it first hand. I have watched as young middle school girls turn from innocent to provocative, from secure in their own self-esteem to depressed, from satisfied with their family lifestyle to embarrassed for their families lack of possessions. I can honestly say these things, because all of this has also happened to me.

However, under the guise of my quite and reserved composure, I have been able to also understand that there is this master called society, tinkering away at our livelihood.( I’d like to think that this same composure even makes me a sound researcher. šŸ˜‰ ) And because of this knowledge, I feel as if some of those negative and damaging strings have been detached (not all, because,yes, I am still human).

I personally do not want to be controlled by the external forces of peer pressure to be this ideal, to “follow the crowds.” Preferably, I would like to make my own paths in life. Choose options that I personally feel suited for. So friends, in respect of this, I am going to dedicate MySmartChoices November Theme to daily words of inspiration (to myself and to others), or articles, or other notables that help better illustrate my desire to promote having a positive body-image, positive self-esteem, and a better outlook on life… away from the peers and away from the norms.

First up, my own 5 year picture time-line.. from Age 16 to Age 21. I believe the first step to positive body image is to truly look at yourself, in my case.. myself over the span of many years.. and embrace all that it encompasses, whether it be the multitude of physical changes and better yet, the similar friendly smiles that define your personal beauty.

Won’t you join me?



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