29 Oct

Confessional Time!!!!

Confession: I enjoy solving math problems (specifically word problems) in my spare time. It is a bit ironic, seeing as how i loathed word problems when I was younger.

Confession: I enjoy my pumpkin spice latte, without paying the $4.00 for the treat. Instead, I purchase a coffee ($1.50), and ask for a single pump of the Pumpkin syrup. Add a little bit of skim milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg.. and whoa buddy– a delicious pumpkin spice latte!

Confession: I am a couponista. I love searching for coupons and using them. The more money in my pocket, the better ehh? I think on my last trip to the grocery store, I actually saved more money than spent. lol Cindy For the Win!

Confession: I am a control freak. Yes, I admit it, I hate not being in control of a situation. I am a type A plan everything accordingly, and make sure it happens– type of gal. I actually dislike it if I cannot be “in charge” or are unable to “take the lead.” I have come to realize all of this over the years. In order for me to be spontaneous, I would have to let others take the lead in planning. Otherwise, I would overstress myself and react in very negative ways (be anxious, grouchy, etc).

Confession: As a followup to the previous confession, I’ve found the best cure to my anxiety is EXERCISE! I am naturally anxious/worrisome. I tend to worry about everything. Maybe it’s my Type A Personality. I like to get things done! And maybe, this is the reason I try not to go home all the time (so I don’t have to be constantly worried..). But exercising relieves my stressors. I try to be active on a daily basis. I found that if I am inactive, I tend to have all of this energy, which turns into a mental havoc that cannot be good for anyone. Trust me.

Oh the many others that I have. But this is all for today!
I feel as if I can write a whole post entirely on a single confession. Which I may, in due time.



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