In the Middle

27 Oct

Has anyone ever seen the show about the typical/average American family called “The Middle”? Might I add that it is hilariously funny and clearly an over exaggerated opinion of my own childhood.

Sometime, looking back on my youth, it does feel as if I was stuck in this average lifestyle. A tad bit different from the television show, of course, but all in all that same feeling that Patricia Heaton(who plays the mother) has at the beginning and end of every episode. What I take from it is “Yes I might be in the middle (whether or not I necessarily would want to. Heck, I would even try to make attempts to not be in the middle), but it’s ok.” It is not a bad thing. and maybe, that’s what truly makes my life great, and more fulfilling.

So to all of those people living in “The Middle”, cheers to you! Go out and have yourself a wonderful Wednesday, because of course… IT IS the middle of the week. =)

Now on to some foods and tasks I have been up to these past few day!

Semi-Frozen Chocolate Protein Shake with Spinach and Berries! (Monday Pre-Lab Class/Pre-Workout)

Tuesday Lunch (Hummus/Laughing Cow Spread with Spinach Sandwich)


Yummy Nature's Pride 100% Whole Wheat Bread and grape tomatoes

I found these at the supermarket.. tasty!

Some Grad Schools Application Tasks


Wednesday Eats (so far)

Breakfast Wednesday Morning: Waffles, Cottage Cheese, Pear, Crofters, Coffee

Wednesday Lunch: Hummus, Chicken, Laughing Cow Spread

Sandwich with Unsweetened Apple Sauce and baby carrots

Always the best way to end a meal. A square of Ghiradelli Dark Toffee Interlude



Now its time to get back on the studying grind! Have a nice day!



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