24 Oct

Oh how I love weekends! A time to catch up on all those things that were lift a drift during the week. I’ve been able to sleep (“what’s that?” said my body), estudiar, work on GRAD SCHOOL APPS, and then some. The weekends are also a time to spend some (brief) time with friends and refocus on the self.

This particular weekend was spent initally celebrating my roommate Hannah’s birthday!


It started Friday Night with dinner at Carrabas Italian Restaurant. I rarely “eat out” so this was a special treat to celebrate life with such hilariously funny but intelligent friends.

I ordered the Chicken Italian Pizza as my entree with the Mediterranean Salad as my side salad. After gobbling up 2 pieces of warm bread, I ate only half the salad. It was good, but too salty for my liking. Maybe I should have requested  dressing on the side. The pizza on the other hand was delectable..

“Italian Chicken Grilled chicken in our Italian-style sweet and sour sauce with pine nuts, scallions, romano, fontina and mozzarella”

Can we say delicioso! I ate 1/2 of the pizza.. which means LEFTOVERS =)


Hannah’s actual birthday was Saturday, which meant planning a simple early morning breakfast!

Bagels, apples, bananas, oranges, melon, grapes, mini croissants, NUTELLA, Crofter’s Superspread, yogurt. Simple, light.. just right! I woke up early to set up some candles, white flowers, and Hannah’s gifts from myself, Maria, and Hannah’s family. I love birthdays!!

That afternoon, Hannah’s birthday cake arrived!

And how red it was! The icing left my lips red for the rest of the day.. need lipstick that’s long lasting anyone? Red Icing will do wonders!

After celebrating with cake, she was off to THE ESTATES pool party. I, on the other hand, was off to grad school apps! Hurray for productive Saturdays (ehh?)

After 4 hours of work, I was beginning to feel a little nauseous from the sedentary work, so I headed out to the Southwest Rec Center (Yay for my 6.2 mile run!) I felt MUCH better post-workout.


Sunday seems to have come and went. I woke up to the usual waffle breakfast combo, I made a stop by the gym this morning for a little ellipticaling action, came home and made a scrumptious lunch of some LEFTOVER pizza, and proceeded to continue doing some homework. Snackage included a  some almonds (not pictured), sweet gala apple ( not pictured) and FROZEN grapes.. which I highly recommend.

Next up dinner then some reading then sleep!



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