Health In America

22 Oct

Howdy folks it has been quite some time!

I’ve been uber busy, I will update sometime throughout the weekend.

This post is specifically about an observation of mine. (To me) it seems as if Healthy can have a very negative connotation in our Society (American especially). When people think of Healthy, they automatically think of dieting, or lettuce, or salads, or deprivation.

Can I be honest with you for a second?


I would like to say that I think I live a relatively healthy lifestyle. I am no super thin super health freak though. But I do believe healthy foods arent ANY of the foods listed above. Healthy foods, to me, are delicious, creative wonderfully nutritious morsels of yummy goodness. There are so many aspects of nutritious foods that many others will not understand. AND ITS BECAUSE OF THOSE NEGATIVE ASSOCIATIONS most people have about Healthy foods.

I hope that that in whatever career path I pursue (fingers crossed that it be clinical psychology) I will be able to shift this association and modify it in ways that will get people screaming YUMMO to roasted stuffed squash drizzled in honey with a side of tasty sliced almond green beans. Nutritious foods need to make a comeback.. not “DIET” foods!

I hope that one day people will look at nutritious foods the way some people look at sweets/”junk” food. As cravings! As essential and a necessity to stay sane. As a yummy treat one is eager to eat all the time.

Thanks for reading!



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