Zoom Zoom Zoom

10 Oct

Boom Boom, my super nova girl! (Anybody remember ZENON?)

Time has certainly zoomed by! Classes have kept me away from the blog. Bummmer. I have also missed taking pics of my foods.. but here is what I currently have =)

Before: Added Pumpkin. Cinnamon, Protein Powder, Scottish Oats, Milk, Cocoa Powder

Mix it all together for some chocolatey goodness!

After: Add a fig for extra deliciousness!

Lunch: The Usual Ciabatta bun, applegate turkey, harvarti cheese, spring mix, and mango stilton!!

Van’s Waffles with yogurt (dannon activia) and pumpkin butter (with nectarine on the side)

Peachy Pumpkin Oatmeal (Yepp, with a sugary pumpkin topper)

Delicious Veggie Dinner (with an egg centered)

And Lovely flowers from my Roommate!

Medjool dates… sweet..

Hope your weekend goes well! Go Gators!




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