I Know I Can.. Be What I Want to Be

29 Sep

Happy Hump Day Folks!

Wednesdays are always the toughest days to get through. But its smooth sailing from now on.

Do you remember a previous post where I mentioned my Academic predicament? Well, I have had quite a bit of thinking and I think I have found the solution that will be pleasing to all.

My Smart Choices:

I will announce a bit later my decision, but right at this moment I intend to apply to the Masters Programs for Counseling Psychology  at UNF as well as the Accelerated Bachelors of Nursing Program at UNF. Fate will hopefully play its cards in making the decision. If by chance I get into the Masters Program, I will TAKE IT! I truly feel that Psychology is my passion. It has literally been an interest since  my sophomore year of high school. And What’s even more great is the fact that I KNOW I can get good recommendation letters for the Masters Program. If all goes well, “I CAN BE WHAT I WANT TO BE.. IF I WORK HARD AT IT, I’LL BE WHERE I WANT TO BE!”  =) I’ll let this catchy song explain:



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