Saturday Wrap Up!

26 Sep

Good Morning Kids!

What a Saturday! Fun! Lots of MOVING!!! Seriously. Saturday Morning I woke up, ate breakfast and headed out to the gym where I worked my butt off for 60 minutes on the Elliptical. After the sweating non sense I came home, showered, and ate something wonderful for Lunch!

(The Usual Breakfast, Van’s Waffle, Pear, and Yogurt)


I don’t know about you but Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Sweet Potatoes are SERIOUS comfort foods for me! For both, I heated the oven to 400 degrees, let them heat up for 30 minutes, tossing halfway through. I added a bit of salt and pepper to the Brussel Sprouts and added some Cinnamon and a Drizzle of Honey to the Sweet Potatoes. This Was DELICIOUS! I am drooling just looking at the photos!

After my delish lunch, I did some grocery/home shopping stocking on my food items for the week. After that madness (it took like 3 hours due to the crowds) I came home to dinner around 5:30 and ate this:


TURKEY BRIE APPLE WRAP! Simple, yet something I would loved to recreate. I picked this baby up from Fresh Market. Not included in this photo were a serving of Chocolate Banana Chips (10) =P. What can I say? I loveee chocolate banana chips! I am so thankful that Gainesville has a Fresh Market. Now all they need are Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and then I would be all set! lol

After my eats, I took the bus and headed over to the University of Florida vs University of Kentucky game. LOTS OF FUN!

48-14. GATORS WIN! It was a night game (Which a much better than the heat-stroke noon games) However, it was still mighty humid. Let’s just say I was feeling gross and sweaty at 10:30 at night. Eww.

The game was great, getting to hang out with friends, but the ride home was a whole other story!¬† After my friend stopped by to grab dinner at (I Love NY Pizza), my friend and I waited at the bus stop hoping our Bus would come. Unfortunately, it wasn’t running late Saturday Night and so we had to hop on another bus to get to where our Later Gator bus was. CRAZY traffic meant that we were stuck on this one commuter bus for 30 minutes! Normally this would not be a big deal, but considering the campus is only 3-4 miles long at max and we were still on campus.. well.. it definitely was a bit of a headache. DID I MENTION I WAS STILL HOT AND SWEATY? Gross! We then got off the commuter bus and like the heaven gates opened up, we saw that out Later Gator bus arrived in the nick of time! No waiting for the win! Finally getting home after midnight, I crashed on the bed, exhausted from all the walking and exercising I did. I need to refuel Sunday.. dinner with the roomies!




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