Oh Academia

24 Sep

Have you ever had to decide between your education and your family?

Well.. for this girl, it has definitely been a pull and tug in my life. On one hand, you must understand, that I love my family. I love being with them, supporting them, and helping them in any way imaginable. I want them to grow, be well loved and most importantly safe. However, at the same time, they are quite demanding of me. They expect me to constantly cater to their needs (which is not necessarily a bad thing, but I lose a bit of myself in the process).

On the other end of the spectrum there is the world of academia. This is a sort of passion and desire of mine. I love learning. I love being challenged mentally in ways that I never knew I could be challenged. I love the idea of helping utilize my own mind to help others. Its thrilling to go to my microbiology class at 8:30 in the morning and listen to the Professor. Sometimes, I feel as if he is a storyteller and I am the listener. I hold onto every word he says about genetic recombination or different bacterial cells. Even with other lecturers, in other departments (such as Psychology) I literally take in every sentence and every word as if was some melodic song I could listen to over and over again. Its weird to admit, but I truly appreciate education, both the social and physical sciences especially. Its amazing how complex and knowledgeable our world has become through the discoveries from both departments.

Combining the two together, however, never ever ever fits. My parents’ expectation of me is to make the $$$ the cheapest and quickest way possible (which sounds dreadfully exaggerated, I know, but you know what I mean.) They would prefer that I work in a vocational setting as a nurse, teacher, something that wouldn’t require a lifetime of education. It is hard for them to understand why someone would take out a ridiculous amount of loans just to get a PhD.

However, I have found that education is not about the money, but about the experience and the feelings that I get from it. I love achievement and working hard to get to where I want. And as I continue on with my life, seeing as I graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology in December (Yippee!), I truly consider furthering my education. I would LOVE to get a PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology, but the cost.. the cost.. the family burden.. the fact that I will have to spend another few years in school.. well.. my parents would not be thrilled.

So folks, I have decided to go about 3 routes for my future. 1.WORK (Some Social Services Position) 2. Nursing School (Get my BSN, then WORK, then maybe getting my masters or doctorate in nursing) and last but not least 3. Apply to GRAD SCHOOL (secretly of course). I have decided that if I get accepted, it is meant to be. I am applying to only the ones I REALLY want to go to, focusing ONLY on Clinical and Health Psychology.

So there.. phew! LONG POST! Sorry for the rant.

What do you think I should do?



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